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Laura Gallacher a British artist and writer has an interesting biography and we’ll do well by looking into the information you might want to know about her.

Laura Gallacher’s Biography, Early Life, Family Wikipedia

Laura Gallacher is a British artist, writer, author and socialite. Laura was born to the Gallacher family in the heart of the village of Woldingham, Surrey, England on June 28, in the year 1987. She is the daughter of the renowned and successful businessman, Bernard Gallacher and Lesley Gallacher.

Her father Bernard Gallacher is a popular golfer, he was known to be a former Ryder Cup captain who has won more than 20 professional games in his career as a golfer.

Looking at her family, Laura is also the sister of the famous TV personality,

Kristina Gallacher who has worked as a Sky TV Broadcaster for more than 20 years. Laura Gallacher started her career as an art director, working on creating and producing artwork for different clients.

Laura worked for some years in the creative industry before she got into other artistic stuff, her past experiences allowed her to be able to showcase her artistic skills and meet like-minded people along the way. Laura’s artistic talent started to show from a young age.

Laura Gallacher’s Education, Skills, Degree

Laura had her degree at the University of London, it was at the university she obtained for herself a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts. During her years in the university, she started building herself for the industry by honing her craft and developing a peculiar artistic style that has become popular in the contemporary art world.

Laura Gallacher’s Writing Skills, a Talented writer

Being a writer, Laura has done a lot of good work by contributing to several publications, this includes The Guardian, The Independent, and The Observer. Laura is a talented writer, she is able to write about different topics, from cultural events to politics fluently when needed.

Depending on the topic or subject she is tasked to work on, her writing style is often witty and insightful, she goes all in to give readers a new perspective on the particular topic and its details.

Aside from her artistic and writing skills, Laura Gallacher is also known for her philanthropic work. Ever since her university years, she has been actively involved in lots of charities.

This includes the Save the Children fund. Her numerous contributions to society have gained her recognition and earned her praise from many people around the world.

Laura Gallacher’s Career

Laura once pursued acting as a profession for years, but years later she doesn’t seem to want to get into acting or making acting appearances.

Based on some information about her on Wikipedia, she once was a restaurateur, although little information was revealed about her restaurant business, we might say it wasn’t a success.

Looking at her LinkedIn account, she wrote that she started her career as a Reservation Manager at The Box Soho in London in 2011, a year after she started working at Soho House Group and this lasted for more than two years.

She later quit her job at Soho House as she had already gotten a job at Moral Fox Limited. She started working with the company in October 2013, she didn’t leave any information on the years of work before quitting.

Talking about her acting career, she has made appearances in some short films, this includes her appearance in the short film Freckle and Tyde in 2009. In 2010 she also made some cameo appearances in Funny or Die: Chopsticks with David Ross and Split Milk which is a short film.

Meanwhile, she also got a lead role in the TV series Persona in 2011. She acted in the role of Ciara in 17 episodes. Just some months later, she also made an appearance in the movie 10 Arenas of Marwood and then hasn’t made any appearance.

It was after her marriage, that she started to write books and illustrations, her debut book “The Joy Jornal For Magical Everyday Play: Easy Activities & Creative Craft for Kids and Their Grown-ups” was released in March 2020. This started her career in writing

Laura Gallacher’s Marriage life, Husband, Children

In her personal life, Laura Gallacher is married to British comedian, Russell Brand. The couple got married in 2017, and they currently have two children together in the marriage.

Laura has been a believer, and even a great influence on her husband, especially when it comes to his spiritual beliefs and lifestyle choices.

Her husband is one of the top comedians across the world, based on IMDb ranking, he has appeared in more than 41 movies to date.

He has also produced around seven movies and also has 19 writer credits. He is also a host of a weekly interview series named Under the Skin with Russell Brand, which was launched in 2017.

The two lovers started dating right after they met in 2007, they dated for a short while and they broke up. It was in 2015 they started dating again and then decided to take it further by getting married on the 26th of August 2017.

Although it’s not clear to the public if Laura has ever been married to someone, the husband was once married to the world-rated singer Katy Perry. They got married in 2010, then later separated in 2012 just 14 months after the wedding.

Laura’s a mother of two daughters, their names Mabel and Peggy. The first daughter is seven years old and her last child is five years old. Lauren’s ethnic background is British, and her husband’s Brand background is Scottish.

As we said earlier, Laura Gallacher is a gifted and proficient, writer, artist, author, and humanitarian. Her remarkable achievements in the fields of creative arts, literature, and philanthropy have earned her a good name and position within society.

Being married to Russell Brand, they have two beautiful children, she is also a loving wife and devoted mother to her children. Laura continues to be a source of inspiration to many people around the world with her positivity, creativity, and passion.

Summary Information about her

  • Name: Laura Gallacher
  • Profession: Actress, Writer,  and Author
  • Date of Birth: 28 June, 1987
  • Hometown: England
  • Nationality: British
  • Age: 36 (As of 2023)
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Hobbies: Writing

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