Improve The Longevity of Your Outdoor Patio Furniture in Florence 

Since the state of Kentucky essentially endures all four seasons, the outdoors experiences the abuses that these bring, especially the summer heat and the winter’s frigid temperatures.  

That means without proper maintenance, outdoor furniture Florence begins showing signs of wear and tear, starts to sag or look old and ragged from the abuses it withstands. Fortunately, there are many things a Florence homeowner can do to ensure it lasts longer. 

In reality, the difference between indoor furnishings and patio furniture is that the outdoor variety needs to be of a higher quality to endure the conditions it’s exposed to. A higher investment will mean a longer life, lower frequency of repairs, and less chance of replacing the pieces. 

In other ways, the two are relatively similar; you’ll want to care for your outdoor furniture as diligently as your indoor pieces, especially if you invest a considerable amount in them.  

For instance, when sliding a table from one place to another, you should use furniture pads to prevent the legs from becoming scratched and avoid scraping the deck or patio. Let’s review some other tips to keep your outdoor patio furniture pristine. 

Extending The Lifespan of Outdoor Patio Furniture  

Florence, Kentucky, experiences all four seasons, with hot summers and extreme winters. That means everything outside, including patio furniture, will suffer the consequences of the weather conditions unless it is maintained to withstand these abuses. 

The rules are relatively simple when you consider how you care for your indoor furnishings, except you’ll invest more for a higher-quality product and take extra precautions to protect your investment since it is placed at a higher risk.  

Here are steps to follow with your Florence outdoor patio furniture to give it a chance for an extended lifespan. 

Store it 

When the summer ends and you experience the first frost or are no longer using the furniture, it should be stowed away regardless of its durability and weather resistance to extend its longevity.  

The sun’s rays and inclement weather can affect even the strongest material, eventually weakening it. The darker the furniture, the greater the reaction to sunlight. It can fade when sitting in direct rays for an extended time. 

Sitting in inclement weather without covering is also detrimental. Depending on the material, there’s the potential for rotting. When preparing for the coldest time of the year, move the patio set into the shed or the garage for protection. 

The color 

While discoloration from the sun’s rays is inevitable, you can take steps to minimize this effect. Investing in lighter-colored pieces is one way to make this a less intrusive problem. 

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The items will fade more gradually. White reflects light, while darker colors absorb the rays, making the furniture fade faster. If you are fortunate enough to have a covered or enclosed space, the sun will be less of an issue; the furnishings won’t be exposed. 

If you have a large outdoor area, the darker furniture can be situated in shady or covered locations, while white furniture or lighter shades can sit in sunny spots. 

A vinyl covering 

Vinyl coverings protect patio sets from grime, debris, and water while they are out in the elements. These are also good for preserving the pieces when in storage.  

If you will be using your furniture every day, cover the set when the day is done and remove it only when you’re ready to use it the next day. It’s much easier than taking it in and out of the shed or garage. 

If rain is being forecast, it’s vital to cover the pieces or move the furniture to an enclosed area. The objective is to keep high-quality material looking good and lasting as long as possible. That means taking every precaution to protect it. 

Durable materials 

The most durable materials for outdoor patio sets include teak, aluminum, and synthetic resin. Metal or steel is also incredibly durable, but it has the potential to rust.  

When comparing options, a good rule of thumb is to look for weather and waterproof furniture. Despite the level of durability you achieve, furniture will still last longer if you keep it covered routinely and store it when the cold weather comes along. Visit here for tips on storing outdoor furnishings. 

The better you preserve the furniture, the fewer repairs you’ll need to make and the less likely you’ll need to replace pieces the following year. 

Final Thought 

When you take every precaution to protect your outdoor patio furniture, you’ll have a better chance of it lasting for an extended period, maybe a decade. That would require routine covering and proper storage when the frigid part of the year comes calling. 

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