Tips for Shipping Your Car In-and-Out of Illinois

Illinois Car Shipping can be a complex process, but with careful preparation and knowledge it can become much simpler. You can reduce transport costs by clearing away personal belongings from the trunk of your car and filling only up its gas tank to no more than 25% full.


When shipping a car between Illinois and elsewhere, it’s essential that you find an experienced and reputable auto transporter. Look for one with door-to-door service and excellent customer reviews like these; additionally make sure the transporter has both a driver’s license and insurance to protect your vehicle should any damages occur during transport. For high value vehicle shipping services, you should consider guaranteed pick-up or express delivery services as possible options.

At the core of any car shipping quote is your vehicle’s make and model – this information determines which method of car transporting will be necessary if it’s large or muscular in size. Furthermore, its value determines your insurance coverage if you own an exotic or luxury car.

Costs associated with car shipping to and from Illinois can differ significantly, depending on a variety of factors such as distance traveled. To best assess pricing, use a car shipping calculator and compare rates from multiple companies; in addition, request an all-inclusive quote that details fees and costs as well as local regulations which could impede shipment – for instance some cities do not permit trucks into residential areas so your shipment must be picked up and dropped off at a terminal instead.


Shipping your car to Illinois requires understanding pricing. This will depend on various factors including its type, route taken, and whether or not door-to-door service is desired. An online shipping calculator provides an accurate estimation of how much auto transport might cost; however, the final bill could differ significantly.

When searching for an Illinois car shipping company, it is key to find one with experience and excellent customer service. When researching prospective companies it is a good idea to inquire about their history as well as read customer reviews – which you can learn about here:; this will enable you to assess both quality of service as well as whether or not its worth the price. When transporting high-value or classic cars it may be wiser to opt for enclosed carriers which provide extra protection while working within tight schedules.

If you’re in search of an economical auto transport option, terminal-to-terminal services might be the perfect fit. This convenient alternative to door-to-door shipping can often be more cost effective because your car will be delivered directly to a terminal location in large cities or towns before being sent off and picked up from there as your destination location.


Enclosed shipping offers the perfect solution for those who want to ensure that their vehicle will remain protected during transit, with numerous brokers and direct carriers offering this option. Although enclosed auto transport in Illinois may cost more than other methods, it offers greater peace of mind than any alternative transport solution.

As part of your research into various companies, it’s also advisable to compare quotes from different carriers as well as assess their history and reviews from previous customers. Reputable carriers usually boast years of experience and excellent customer reviews as well as offering services such as door-to-door shipping with insurance coverage during the shipment.

Before transporting your car, companies conduct an inspection and write up a report for you to review upon receiving. Once in hand with your affordable car shipping services in Illinois, any damage or issues should be communicated directly to the driver or broker to help ensure it arrives as it was originally shipped. Throughout transportation you can also track its location using real-time GPS tracking technology.

If you’re moving to Illinois or sending your vehicle to a college student there, choosing the appropriate transport service is critical to its success. Brokers or direct carriers offer effective shipping solutions. A quality carrier should ensure a timely delivery date and time as well as be insured and licensed to operate in Illinois – they should also give a Bill of Lading that serves as proof of delivery of the vehicle in question.


Open carriers, capable of accommodating up to 10 vehicles at once, are an economical way to ship cars; equipped with ramps and chains or straps to secure vehicles and provide quick loading/unloading service. However, while these carriers are less protected against weather or road debris damage, enclosed trailers provide greater protection at a higher price.

Before selecting an auto transport company, it is wise to conduct extensive research. Read reviews and check their history; search for one with excellent credentials and plenty of experience. Also ensure they carry sufficient insurance – and obtain a copy of their policy just in case any accidents or damages occur during transport.

Additionally, when transporting your vehicle you should also consider which transportation service best meets its needs. For example, shipping luxury or classic cars requires white glove secure service which may cost more than long distance transport but is well worth investing in to protect your investment.

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