The Financial and Aesthetic Advantages of Quality Siding

Investing in new siding is one of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. High-quality siding materials like natural wood, brick, and fiber cement from local Portland siding contractors have an attractive, classic look. These materials come in various styles, from traditional clapboard to rustic stone and wood grain textures. Upgrading to premium siding gives your home an eye-catching facade that makes a fantastic first impression. 

James Hardie, fiber cement siding, has a 30-year limited warranty and resists moisture damage, termites, fire, impact, and more. It provides insulation and mimics the look of wood siding but doesn’t require maintenance.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl siding is affordable, comes in many colors, is easy to clean, and lasts 30+ years. Quality vinyl resists dents, won’t rot or peel, and has built-in insulation. Brands like Royal and Alside offer excellent warranties.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your vinyl siding, similar to vinyl fencing, is a simple yet effective way to preserve its longevity. For practical tips on cleaning and maintaining your vinyl surfaces, consider exploring resources like those shared by experts at Viking Fence with insights on how to clean vinyl fencing. These steps can ensure that your vinyl siding remains not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing over the years.

  • Stone veneer

Fauxstone veneer siding looks elegant and natural. It’s lighter than real stone and installs more affordably while providing extreme durability. Modern sealing methods prevent water damage or cracking.

  • Brick and stucco

Genuine brick siding brings classic, lasting style. Stucco requires diligent sealing but delivers fire resistance and energy savings. Both materials add significantly to home value.

  • Wood shingles/planks

Natural cedar and redwood shingles bring rustic, organic beauty. When properly installed and sealed, they require staining but do not easily crack, peel, or warp. Composite wood-grain planks offer durability with less maintenance.

Smart Investments for Long-Term Gain

Quality siding costs more upfront. Fiber cement planks average $6-9 per square foot installed, vinyl siding $3-7 per square foot, and stone veneer $10-25 per square foot. Wood and brick raise installation costs further.

But premium materials pay off in:

  • Increased home value

Investing in durable, attractive siding boosts your home’s value significantly. Quality siding is a top-selling feature for homes on the market. The improved aesthetics and durability appeal to buyers and add to your home’s overall market value. This makes installing premium siding a worthwhile upgrade if you ever plan to sell your home.

  • Energy savings

Some premium sidings even help make your home more energy efficient. Options like insulated vinyl and foam-backed products add an extra layer of insulation that improves your home’s R-value. This regulates indoor temps so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. Upgrading your siding can help reduce monthly heating and cooling bills.

  • Long-term durability

High-quality siding materials are designed to last decades with proper installation and maintenance. For example, fiber cement sidings carry warranties of up to 50 years. This extreme durability saves you money over time compared to lower-quality siding that needs frequent replacement and repainting. It also maintains your home’s quality yearly without requiring extensive upkeep.

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal

Quality siding materials like natural wood, masonry, and fiber cement have an attractive, classic look. They come in various styles, from traditional clapboard to rustic stone and wood grain textures. 


Quality siding enhances your home’s looks and value. Though pricier initially, durable vinyl or fiber cement siding is a wise investment. With little upkeep needed and decades of life, quality materials pay off in the long term. Consider quality siding from trusted Portland siding contractors for improved curb appeal, reduced maintenance, and higher resale.

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