Pouya Net Worth, Age, Height, Life style and Full Bio

Pouya Net Worth: Pouya real name Kevin Pouya and was born on 20 December 1994 in Florida, United States. He started education in a high school and after few years he dropped out from school along with his friend .

He was interested in some activities like skating, skate boarding, singing from an early age. At the age of 16 Pouya started working in busboy and than he realises to think about his career he left the job after one year and started his rapping career.

He and his friend who drop out from school wanted to make music, creating rap song and make a rap group called “Buffet Boys”. . He is a well known rapper and a celebrity having a zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Pouya Net Worth Wife Family and wealth

In 2019 Pouya Net Worth was $1 Million. And in 2022 his net worth is $ 5 million Approx. Pouya is one of the best professional rapper in United States of America (U.S.A). Some of the basic information about him is given in the table.

NameKevin Pouya
Age26 years old
Date of birth 20 December 1994
 Place of birthFlorida, United States
Family Unknown 
Marital StatusSingle
Children’s Unknown
Net Worth$ 5 million
Zodiac SignSagittarius

Pouya Age, Height and Physical Appearance

In 2022 Pouya is 26 years old. Pouya has a good Physical Appearance with 5.5 feet height, 57 kg body weight, Fair skin color, light brown eye color , Brown hair color. He is health conscious and following a strict diet and only use healthy foods. He have no physical disability. 

House and lifestyle

Pouya has a lavish house in Florida, United States. His lifestyle is so great as he is millionaire. He use expensive brands and high class cars. He love spending his money in travelling and discovering the verities of food because he is food lover.

Pouya wife and Family

His father is from Iran and his mother Is Cuban so he is of Iranian and Cuban heritage. Pouya was in relationship with Instagram star coco but after 4 years of relationship coco was diagnosed with Cancer (synovial sarcoma) and he died in 2017 . After the death of coco in 2017 Pouya enjoying the single life after coco and don’t interested in anyone else till now on 2022.

Pouya Meaning and Pronunciation

He has a unusual name. Pouya is an Iranian name and in Persian its meaning ins “In move”, “searcher person” etc. Its pronunciation is P-oo-yah. Following is the video to explain it better:

Pouya Singing and Rap Carrier

Pouya decided to make his professional Carrier in music after getting dropped out from school. He started singing and rapping in 2011  with his friend Fat Nick and made a band of rappers named ad Buffet Boys.  In 2012 he released his 1st mixtape, F**k It got viral and this year proved to be an excellent year for Pouya. His basic career start from when he released the song “Drop Em’ Off” on their YouTube Channel Buffet Boys goes viral as people like it and appreciated it so much.

Rap Album Ranking

After this successful tape in 2012 he released his other song  named as ” Get Buck ” on 2013 which was great success for him as his album got ranking Number #1 on USA.

After his album he didn’t stop here and runs a YouTube channel where he uploaded his videos , podcast regularly. He faced many problem in his Carrier even he went to psychiatrist and treated to handle his anxiety issues .

Networth of Pouya is about $5 million he earned from YouTube and many other social apps. He is a professional rapper, song writer, a You Tuber . He is a social media influencer, Brand ambassador and a song writer.


Is Pouya related to Suicide boys?

Yes Pouya is related to Suicideboys band because he collaborated with Suicideboys on an EP, $outh $ide $uicide, that was released on September 1, 2015.

How old is Pouya?

Pouya is 26 years old .

How does Pouya make money?

His main source of income is music but he also makes money from YouTube , Instagram and by  promoting products of different companies.

What is Pouya famous for?

He is a famous because he is on of the top American singer ,Rapper, Song writer, Social media influencer and Brand ambassador .

Is Pouya Married?

No! Pouya is single now after the death of his girlfriend, Young Colo. She was died in 2017 due to Cancer.

Social Media Accounts of Pouya

Instagram : pouya

Twitter : Pouyalilpou

YouTube : ALLBUT6

Hope we covered all about Pouya and his wife as well as wealth.

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