Top 30 Richest People in the whole World

With our complete list of the richest people on the planet, you can learn about the exclusive group of the world’s wealthiest people. These people, who range from business moguls to IT tycoons, have erected vast empires and acquired unimaginable wealth.

Find more about their achievements, business endeavours, and charitable activities. Our continuously updated list of the wealthiest individuals in the world will help you stay up to speed on the most recent developments in the world of the famous and wealthy.

List of 30 Most Richest People of the World

There are may billionaires in but here is the top 30 list of real time billionaires.

1- Jeff Bezos – One of the most prosperous and cutting-edge businesses in the world, Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon. He is now the richest person in the world, with a net worth of about $150 billion. Bezos’ achievement serves as a tribute to the strength of creativity and tenacity. Bezos, who was born in 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a passion for science and technology at a young age. After earning electrical engineering and computer science degrees from Princeton University, Bezos worked on Wall Street until starting Amazon in 1994. Amazon began as an online book shop but rapidly grew to be the biggest online retailer in the world, providing a huge range of goods and services.

  1. Bernard Arnault – One of the richest and most successful people in the world is LVMH’s chairman and CEO, Louis Vuitton Group. Arnault has established himself as a shrewd businessman and strategic genius with a net worth of more than $150 billion. With more than 60 companies and $53 billion in annual revenue, he has transformed LVMH into the world’s greatest luxury conglomerate. The influence of Arnault goes beyond business because he is also a significant philanthropist who places a strong emphasis on promoting the arts. His achievement on a worldwide scale is a great inspiration and a bright example of how tenacity and business savvy can produce success.
  2. Bill Gates – One of the most well-known and successful businessmen in the world is the co-founder of Microsoft. He has a net worth of more than $130 billion and is frequently included among the richest people on the globe. Gates has had a lasting impression on the globe, starting with his early years at Microsoft and continuing with his charitable work. In 1975, Gates and Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft, and the business immediately became a pioneer in the personal computer revolution. Microsoft developed the Windows operating system and rose to prominence in the PC industry under his direction. Gates held both the position of chairman and CEO of the business until 2014. In order to concentrate on his charitable efforts, he resigned from the board of directors in 2020.
  3. Warren Buffett – Warren Buffet is a well-known investor, businessman, and philanthropist who is also known as the Oracle of Omaha. He is the chairman and largest stakeholder of the global holding firm Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett frequently ranks among the world’s wealthiest persons, with a net worth of over $100 billion. He is renowned for leading a modest lifestyle, having a straightforward financial mindset, and using a long-term investing strategy. Buffett has demonstrated his talent as an investor throughout the course of his career, routinely outperforming the market and earning the distinction of being one of the best investors of all time. Buffett is renowned for his financial skill as well as his charity; he has promised to donate 99% of his wealth to philanthropic organisations.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg – The co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the most prominent and successful individuals in the IT sector. One of the richest persons in the world, Zuckerberg has a net worth of more than $100 billion. He is renowned for his generosity as well, notably in the areas of healthcare and education. Zuckerberg, who was born in New York in 1984, became interested in computers and programming at a young age. He founded “Thefacebook,” a social networking website that would eventually be known as Facebook, while a student at Harvard University. The website instantly became well-liked among Harvard students and swiftly spread to other colleges and universities. In order to concentrate on expanding the website, Zuckerberg left Harvard in 2004. By 2006, anybody over 13 with a working email address could use Facebook.
  5. Amancio Ortega – One of the richest persons in the world and the creator of Inditex, the parent company of the massive fashion retailer Zara, is a businessman from Spain. According to Forbes’ Billionaires List, Ortega is now the fourth richest person in the world with a net worth of more than $68 billion. He began working as a delivery boy before moving on to work at a clothes store, where he discovered the ins and outs of the fashion business. He established his first Zara store in Galicia, Spain, in 1975. Since then, he has expanded his retail empire to include other well-known clothing labels including Massimo Dutti, Bershka, and Pull & Bear. Despite his reputation for seclusion and avoidance of the spotlight, his financial savvy and spirit of entrepreneurship have made him one of the most prosperous and successful people in the world.
  6. Larry Ellison – One of the most prominent and successful individuals in the technology sector is Larry Ellison. Ellison, a co-founder and former CEO of Oracle, contributed to the development of the contemporary software industry and made his business one of the most valuable in the world. He is regarded as one of the wealthiest persons in the world with a net worth of more than $78 billion. Ellison was reared by his aunt and uncle in Chicago despite being born in New York City in 1944. He enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign but left after just his second year to pursue a business career. Before helping to build Oracle in 1977, he had positions at many software firms. With a market valuation of more than $180 billion, Oracle became one of the biggest software businesses in the world under Ellison’s direction. The company’s growth was greatly aided by Ellison’s vision and determination, and he played a key role in establishing the usage of relational databases in the business sector. Ellison left his position as CEO of Oracle in 2014, although he is still a significant stakeholder and remains active in the company’s strategy. He is renowned for his philanthropy and has given millions of dollars to a range of worthy causes, such as education and medical research. With a net worth of $78 billion, Larry Ellison is one of the richest persons in the world and a real corporate legend in the IT sector.
  7. Larry Page– Co-founder of Google, is one of the most influential figures in the tech industry and a billionaire entrepreneur. With a net worth of over $50 billion, he is considered one of the wealthiest people in the world. But his immense wealth is just a small part of his story. Page is also known for his revolutionary ideas and leadership in the tech industry, specifically in the field of search engines, which has made Google one of the most successful companies in the world. Page, along with his co-founder Sergey Brin, created Google while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in 1998. The search engine quickly gained popularity and by 2001, Google became the dominant search engine worldwide. Page served as the CEO of Google from its founding until 2011, and then again from 2015 to 2019. Under his leadership, Google expanded into new markets, such as online advertising, mobile operating systems and more.
  8. Carlos Slim Helu – Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican business magnate and philanthropist who has a net worth of over $100 billion. He is considered one of the richest people in the world and has been consistently ranked among the top ten on Forbes’ Billionaires List. He is the chairman and CEO of Telmex, America Movil, and Grupo Carso, and is known for his business acumen and strategic investments. Born in Mexico City in 1940, Helu comes from a family of Lebanese immigrants who had a successful retail business. He attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and graduated in 1961 with a degree in civil engineering. However, his real passion was always business and finance.
  9. Mukesh Ambani – One of the richest people in the world is Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited. He is now rated as the 6th richest person in the world by Forbes Billionaires List and holds the title of richest man in India with a phenomenal net worth of over $90 billion. He is renowned for his financial savvy and strategic vision, which helped Reliance Industries grow into one of the most prominent and profitable corporations in India. Ambani has played a significant role in propelling Reliance Industries’ development and growth in a number of sectors, including energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecoms. He is also well renowned for his charitable work, notably in the fields of sports, health, and education.
  10. Steve Ballmer – Steve Ballmer is a businessman, investor, and philanthropist best known for leading Microsoft, the largest personal computer software firm in the world, from 2000 until 2014. As a vital contributor to Microsoft’s development from a fledgling startup to a major player in the world of technology, Ballmer joined the business in 1980. Microsoft’s revenue soared from $25 billion to $70 billion under his direction, and its market value rose from $500 billion to more than $800 billion. Ballmer is regarded as one of the world’s wealthiest people with a net worth of over $70 billion. In particular, he is renowned for his charitable work in the fields of healthcare and education. Through his Ballmer Group, which is focused on enhancing economic mobility for children and families in the United States, he has contributed millions of dollars to several charity causes and organisations.
  11. Eike Batista – Brazilian businessman Eike Batista formerly held the title of one of the world’s richest individuals. Batista, who has a net worth of over $30 billion, gained his money in a variety of industries, including mining, oil and gas, and shipping. He was well-known for both his captivating personality and his audacious intentions to make Brazil one of the leading economies in the world. Due to financial issues in his enterprises, however, his fortune suffered in the late 2010s. Nevertheless, he is still regarded as one of the key leaders in Brazil’s corporate history.
  12. Wang Jianlin – Wang Jianlin is a well-known Chinese businessman and entrepreneur. He founded and served as previous chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group, which is one of China’s major real estate developers and the largest chain operator of movie theatres in the world. He was recognised as one of the wealthiest individuals in China and the entire globe with a net worth of more than $31 billion. In addition, he is well known for his philanthropic efforts, contributing to several worthwhile causes. Following a stint in the military, Wang Jianlin transitioned into the real estate sector. In order to build his empire, he made a number of wise purchases and investments that elevated Wanda to a significant position in the international real estate market. Wang Jianlin continues to be among the most important people in the Chinese business sector despite some recent challenges.
  13. Elon Musk – The names Elon Musk and innovation and big-picture thinking go hand in hand. The businessman, who was born in South Africa, is the CEO and founder of both the renewable energy and electric car company Tesla as well as SpaceX, a private space exploration firm. One of the richest persons in the world, Musk has a net worth of over $200 billion, and his businesses have had a significant influence on the energy and technology sectors. Musk has always had a love of technology and science, and he has been intrigued by space travel and electric vehicles since a young age. While still in college, he founded his first business, Zip2, which he subsequently sold for approximately $300 million. He later founded, a provider of online payments that would eventually develop into PayPal and be bought by eBay for $1.5 billion.
  14. Jack Ma – Meet Jack Ma, the brilliant businessman and one of the wealthiest men in the world who founded the massive e-commerce company Alibaba. Ma, a self-made billionaire with a net worth of over $60 billion, has revolutionised the retail sector and altered how we purchase online. But his success story is about more than simply generating money; it’s about invention and opening up chances for others. Ma has grown his business empire from modest beginnings as an English teacher to become one of the most significant personalities in the computer sector.
  15. Sergei Brin – Of all the technological entrepreneurs in our time, Sergei Brin is one of the most successful and significant. Brin, who was a co-founder of Google, had a significant impact on how people use the internet today. He is one of the richest persons in the world with a net worth of $70 billion. Brin, who was born in Russia in 1973, emigrated to the US when he was just six years old. He continued his education at Stanford University, where he met Larry Page, with whom he would eventually co-found Google. The search engine was introduced by the two in 1998, and it swiftly rose to become the most well-known and effective one worldwide.
  16. Ma Huateng – Ma Huateng, also known as Pony Ma, is the founder and CEO of Tencent, one of the world’s largest technology companies. With a net worth of over $70 billion, he is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world and a leading figure in the tech industry. Born in 1971 in Chaozhou, China, Ma founded Tencent in 1998 with a group of friends. Starting off as an instant messaging service provider, Tencent has now diversified into a wide range of businesses such as social media, online gaming, and e-commerce. Today, Tencent’s platforms, including WeChat and QQ, have over 1 billion active users, and the company is worth over $800 billion.
  17. Ingvar Kamprad – One of the richest persons in the world is Ingvar Kamprad, the creator of the household name IKEA. He has created a powerful global business with a net worth estimated to be above $40 billion. But despite his enormous riches, Kamprad is renowned for his thrifty methods and practical outlook. Kamprad, who was born in Sweden in 1926, got his start in business at an early age. When he was five years old, he started door-to-door selling matches. Later, he expanded his business to include selling fish, Christmas tree ornaments, pens, and pencils. He established IKEA and started selling furniture in 1943 when he was just 17 years old. The business operates in more than 50 countries and has more than 400 locations, making it the largest furniture retailer in the world today.
  18. Aliko Dangote – A businessman from Nigeria named Aliko Dangote is among the richest people in both Africa and the entire globe. Dangote, one of the wealthiest men in Africa, is listed on Forbes’ Billionaires List with a net worth of more than $14 billion. One of the biggest conglomerates in Africa with holdings in cement, sugar, wheat, salt, and real estate, he is the founder and chairman of the Dangote Group. Dangote, who was born in 1957 in Kano, Nigeria, came from a family that valued business, and he became interested in entrepreneurship at a young age. He returned to Nigeria after completing his business studies at the Al-Azhar University in Egypt and started selling in goods including sugar, wheat, and cement. He founded the Dangote Group in the 1980s and started to grow the company into manufacturing and other industries. The Dangote Group now employs over 30,000 people and is a multinational corporation with activities in over ten different African nations.

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