Phillip Adams Net Worth, Wife , Daughters and Death

Phillip Adams Net Worth: Phillip Adam was a professional NFL player and was famous among thousand of people. His net worth is estimated in Millions as he earned a pretty hefty amount from several NFL contracts. But unfortunately he was shot dead in 2021. What happened? How he was dead even on the peak of his career? Lets discuss it .

Philip Adam’s Source of Income , Net worth , Wife and Family

Main source of his income is through NFL. In his NFL six years carrier he played for different clubs and earn different amount of money which is approximately total $3,643,322. His wife name was rosemary to whom he got married first but after three children they divorced. It was an unfortunate thing but they have to separate due to a lot of clashes.

Career Start

Phillip Matthew Adams birth place is Rock Hill the city of South Carolina. He started football in very young age and then he played a collage football in state university at south Carolina. Later he became an American former football player and played in national leagues for different clubs.

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How much Money He Earned From Each Club?

From San Francisco 49ers

As we know the that the first club for which Phillip Adam has played was San Francisco 49ers . He was signed to a four-year contract with the 49ers for an amount of $1,847,848 but after his ankle injury he was  eliminated from the team just after one year and the contract was terminated.

From this 49ers terminated contract received  $377,848 which is only 20% of the total account.

From New England Patriots

He spend a short time period with New England Patriots and earned a total amount of $317,647 according to Spotrac.

From Seattle Seahawks

He was appeared in only one game for Seattle Seahawks and get the amount of $52,941 from his stint with a Seahawks.

From Oakland Raiders

In Oakland Raiders Phillip stayed for two seasons and earned a huge amount of  $1,376,000. This is a club where he spend more time then any other club.

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From New York Jets

After completing two seasons with Riders he join New York Jets in 2014 and played one NFL season and get the amount of  $730,000 according to Spotrac’s data.

From Atlanta Falcons

IN 2015 NFL he decides to play for  Atlanta Falcons and managed to bag $745,000 from contract money.

Phillips Adams Favourite Things

Favorite Actor: Robert Downey
Favorite App:   YouTube
Favorite Sportsman and Footballer:  Lionel Andrés Messi
Favorite Cricketer: Virat Kohli
Favorite Hobbies: Driving\Football

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Is Phillips Adam dead and How?

 Yes Phillips Adam is dead by committing suicide.

When and Why Phillip Adam Commit Suicide?

 Phillip Adam commit suicide because he was suffering with concussions(Brain Injuries)

 and he shot 6 peoples then killed himself in 2021 in the age of 32. 

Why Phillips Adam killed 6 people?

This is not confirmed that why he killed six people but some of the reports states that the reason   is his mental disorder.

Was Adam a well known Football player and in How much teams he participate?

Yes! He is well know American former football player and spent 6 years in NFL and played for 6 different teams.

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