Dave Allen Net Worth, Show, Age, Death and Complete Bio

Dave Allen real name David Tynan Mahony  was a famous Actor and Controversial Comedian. He was born on 6 July 1936 in Fire house (Ireland). He was famous in many countries due to his  comedy on television. Some of his shows like Dave Allen at large, Dave Allen show and his BBC shows get popular in the era of 1960’s and 1970’s. His Zodiac sign is Cancer.

Dave Allen Net Worth

Dave Allen earned money by television appearance through acting and comedy. According to statics his net worth in 2021 is approximately $25 million Dollars. He was considered one of the most richest Actor at that time.

dave allen
NameDave Allen
Date of Birth6 July 1936 
Date of DeathMarch 10, 2005
ProfessionComedian, Actor
Net WorthApprox. $25 million 

Dave Allen Carrier

Before his television carrier he started following his father footsteps in journalism and become a copy boy but he was shifted to London when he was 19 years old. In London he has done a lot of work and do multiple jobs to become successful before his television appearance.

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He worked in a toy shop and also do a home delivery work. He did stand-up comedies in strip clubs, theaters and Men clubs for Four years with a stage surname of “O’Mahony” later he changed his surname to “Allen” by the advise of his agent. He changed it because he hoped that a surname starting with A would make him at the top in the list of agents.

His first debut in television was in talent show in 1959 after 1 year in 1960 he hosted many pop music shows after that he became famous and  worked with American singer, comedian and actor Sophie Tucker which gave him a too much fame. Sophie appreciates his work and suggested him to try his luck in Australia for a bright future in Television work.

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He moved to Australia and started work with actor and comedian Digby Wolfey on Australian television. In Australia he was offered for Talk show from Channel 9 with a name Tonight Dave Allen which was successful for him but due to some reasons after six months he got banned  from Australian television.

The Dave Allen Show

He returned to United Kingdom in 1964 and preform many night shows, Comedy shows and BBC shows. In 1967 he introduced his own show and hosted it made by ATV with a name of Tonight with Dave Allen (Dave Allen Show) for which he was also awarded with Personality of the year award.

dave allen show

He continued his Television carrier till 1996 and performed many super hit Comedy programs, late night shows, Talk shows, Sketch series and Comedy series and then get retired due to some controversies.

Dave Allen Source Of Income

Before Appearing on television his source of income was by working as a Copy boy, Sales man in toys shop, Delivery boy and as a Stage comedian in Bars, Clubs and Hotels etc.

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He earned a huge amount by television as a Comedian, Host, Anchor and Actor  which is his main source of income.

Dave Allen Death cause

Dave Allen died suddenly during his sleep and sources told that he died peacefully. He was 68 at that time.

Famous Quotes by Dave Allen

Allen was a comedian and anchor so he had some pretty famous quotes which will be remembered for long time . Here are some of the famous ones.

A good storyteller never lets the facts get in the way.

Dave Allen

Am I the Irish comedian with half a finger? No, I’m the Irish comedian with nine and a half fingers.

Dave Allen

It’s the behavior of your company and its people that form your reputation, and your reputation is your brand

Dave Allen

We spend our lives on the run: we get up by the clock, eat and sleep by the clock, get up again, go to work – and then we retire. And what do they give us? A bloody clock.

Dave Allen

How old is Dave Allen?

His age at death time was 68 Years old.

How Dave Allen Died? 

Dave Allen was died due to (SADS) Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome on 10 march 2005.

Dave Allen Height?

His height was 1.77m or 5.8 feet.

Dave Allen Net Worth at his Death time?

Dave Allen net worth at his death time was approximately $25 million.

Was Dave Allen Married and have Children?

Dave Allen have two wife’s and three children’s.

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