colleen hoover net worth, Novels, Age, Height, Family and Bio

Colleen Hoover one of the best-selling authors in the United States has an interesting biography and we’ll do well by diving into the information you might want to know about her.

Facts you should know about Colleen Hoover

First, Colleen Hoover is a married woman and she is a mother of three sons.

Second, She married William Heath Hoover in the year 2000, she has three sons namely Levi Hoover, Beckam Hoover, and Cale Hoover.

Thirdly, she doesn’t release any information relating to her family, especially about her past relationship.

Fourthly, She (Colleen) wrote a list of her husband’s qualities that made him a great man to their children and a good husband to her on their 14th wedding anniversary.

How many children does she have?

She is currently a mother to three sons with her loving husband William.

When did they get married?

They became a couple by marriage in the year 2000, and have been leading a happy ever-after life since then.

We will proceed by going deep into Colleen Hoover’s biography, so you can get to know about the popular author.

Who is Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover is an American author who is into writing romance, and young adult fiction books.

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She got into the limelight when she published a popular book of hers titled “It Ends With Us” a romance novel in 2016. The book became extremely popular among readers, this book got her all the attention she needed.

Getting popularity among readers, she became one of the best authors whose every book has hit the New York Times bestsellers list.

Colleen Hoover’s Early Life, Education, Parents, Siblings

Colleen Hoover was born on December 11, year 1979, in Sulphur, Texas, US to American parents Eddie Fennell and Vannoy Fite. She was brought up in Saltillo, Texas. She is from a family of three children, she has two sisters named Murphy and Lin. She is yet to release any more information on her family.

For her education, Colleen Hoover graduated from Saltillo High School in 1998. She got a degree in social work from Texas A&M Commerce.

She used to work as a teacher at schools and did a lot of social work before pursuing a career as a writer

Colleen Hoover’s Career

Colleen Hoover’s writing career began when she did self-publishing, she had her first debut novel “Slammed” in January 2012, this was done unintentionally at that time, cause it was her first time.

She published her first novel based on the inspiration she got from a lyric from a song of the Avett Brothers, a line that reads “Decide what to be and go be it” and so she began her writing journey with the novel published in November 2011.

She later released an update that she wanted to make her mum happy reading her daughter’s novel on Amazon Kindle which her mother had bought at that time.

Moving forward to February of the same year, she wrote and published a sequel to her novel “Point of Retreat” which will hit #8 and #18 in the New York Times after a few months they had been published.

Her debut novel “Slammed” received 5 stars from the popular book blogger Maryse Black. She was then able to sign with Atria Books and this led to her re-publishing her book on the 10th of August 2012.

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She once again self-published her third novel “Hopeless” and this became her first self-published book to have ever ranked #1 in the New York Times.

Her book was later published in 2014 named “Finding Cinderella” This was followed by another book “Maybe Someday” which was published in March 2014.

She started to gain a large traction of popularity on Tiktok in 2021 based on the importance of her recent works through a #BookTok community.

Colleen Hoover Awards

Colleen Hoover has gained a lot of fan readers through her writings, she has received a few awards including the 2015/16 Goodreads Choice Awards for Romance and UtopYA Con Awards for Most Innovative Marketing in 2014.

Colleen Hoover Net worth, Income

Hoover is a popular author and has earned a reasonable amount of earnings over her book sales, she is a millionaire with a net worth of more than $12 million.

As we all know, she is an outstanding author, and her major source of income is her profession as a Novelist, she earns an average of $100k per month.

Does Colleen Hoover get a Negative review?

Although she is an outstanding author who has earned so many awards over the years with a large fan base, she does get lots of controversies but not directly this is due to her romantic novels works.

Most of her romantic writings are deemed to be too much for young adult readers to comprehend as her writing includes adultery most of the time when she publishes as a romance writer.

Colleen Hoover’s Weight, Height, Body Shape

Colleen Hoover has a large body type with her weighing around 70kg and height is around 5 feet and 9 inches.

Her body measurement is at 34-36-36 with her beautiful blue eyes, and rocking blonde hair color. She is said to be straight when it comes to sexual orientation.

Her Social media live on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram

Collen Hoover is known on the internet, with her having millions of followers across her social media account. Her username across all platforms is @collenhoover and has around 2 million followers on Instagram, more than 890k followers on Facebook, and around 200k followers on Twitter as of the time of the writing.

Due to the popularity of her books in the #Booktok community on TikTok, she got more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok with the same username @colleenhoover.

With that information on Collen Hoover, by now you must have knowledge about her and her family, earnings, body shape, height, weight, best-selling books, date of birth, Marriage life, and many others. She is an extremely talented writer favored by readers around the world.

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