Andy Hildebrand Net Worth, Auto-Tune, Family, Height and All

Andy Hildebrand birth name Harold Andy Hildebrand was born in Twentieth century but exact date of birth of him was around 1960. He was born in Coronado, California, U.S.A. His early life was was just a normal kid but the one thing he share about him self in one of his interview was that he was not good in studies and it was difficult for him to sit in class for a whole day.

However after some years interest toward science awakened in him due to which he later became a great software engineer, Inventor of Auto-Tune and Web developer of his time.

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth and Brief Information

As Andy Hildebrand is a great Software Engineer, Inventor of Auto-Tune, Web developer and Entrepreneur so he has huge Net Worth. Now in 2022 his Net Worth is $23 Million Dollars (Approx).

Some of the brief Information about Andy Hildebrand is given below in the table

NameHarold Andy Hildebrand
Age 65
Date of birth 1955
Place of birth Coronado, California, U.S.A
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationPhD Doctor
ProfessionEngineer, Inventor, Web developer
Networth$23 Million Dollars

Andy Hildebrand Education

He completed his early education from normal school of Coronado, California and then got a Bachelor degree of Systems Science from University of Michigan. He Wanted to continue his study so he got admission in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1972 and got a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

After getting Masters degree he continue his studies in Electrical field and got PhD degree from same University in 1976. After PhD degree he also go to Shepherd School of Music for Musical composition till 1989.

Andy Hildebrand Carrier and Profession

Starting of Professional Carrier with Naval Engineering Center:

Andy worked in different places in different fields. His first job was after his graduation at the United States  in Washington DC where he worked on the internal parts of Navigation system and contribute in the development of SRN-9 which is one type of processors in GPS. After this experience Andy said that this processor was huge in size and have weight more then one ton where processors at that time are just small chips.

Work in Petrochemical Industry

Andy moved to Texas in 1976 and started work with one of the large oil companies of that time which is Exxon Production Research. While working in this company he developed geophysical prospecting techniques which are helpful to record the signals of underground explosions of hydrocarbons.

In 1982 Andy and his three colleagues founded Landmark Graphics which are helpful to produce workstations for a companies in oil industry. In 1999 these four people are awarded with Cecil Green Enterprise Award by the Geophysical Exploration Society of the United States.

Work in Music Industry

After retiring from oil industry he started working with music Industry called Antares Audio Technology and started work on pitch of sound on the basis of his old experience with signals and his studies from Shepherd School of Music for Musical composition. 

After very hard work on the sound waves and on the pitch of sound in 1966 he invented a system called Auto-tune.  Auto-tune was basically a system which corrected the pitch of an audio in real time. This was his last profession and invention after which he want to get rest.

However he had a great professional carrier and working experience and with all companies and his development and inventions are very useful and helpful for the world.  

Andy Hildebrand Age, Date of Birth and Nationality

Andy Hildebrand  was born in Twentieth century but his exact date of birth and age was Un-Known and as he was born in Coronado, California, U.S.A so his Nationality is American Nationality. But an estimation shows that his age is around 60’s.

Family and Wife

Parents of Andy are un-Known as he never share something about them. Andy got married to Georgina and they don’t have kids. They live in redwood forest near Felton, California with dogs cats and raccoons.

How much Did Andy Hildebrand sell Auto-Tune for?

Auto-Tune was bought out by Halliburton for a reported $525 million Dollars.

Where Does Auto-Tune Invented?

Auto-Tune is an audio processor invented in 1996 by Andy Hildebrand while working with American company Antares Audio Technologies.

Who is the first person to use Auto-Tune?

Dr. Andy Hildebrand is the inventor and first user of Auto-tune.

What was the first song to use Auto-tune?

Believe” is the song widely credited with injecting Auto-Tune’s mechanical modulations into pop consciousness for the first time.

Hildebrand Social Media Accounts

Hildebrand has no social media accounts or any Instagram handle because he want to keep his life private.

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